I know a man -Jesus

I Know A Man

I know a man- a man from a humble background.
A man born in a manger.
A little precious gift given to the household of a mere carpenter.
Born to be a king to set his people free, but only his parents knew.
As a child, he learnt obediently under his parents.
He flabbergasted everyone who heard him- even the erudites and his parents- with his questions and answers at a tender age of twelve.
He was not to make a public appearance until eighteen years later.
He had a clear conviction on his purpose on earth even though he grew up amidst siblings who never believed in him.
Though without sin, he identified with sinners in baptism.
He made an entrance into public ministry without much ado.
Though a born king, he chose his clique from among men of no reputation- fishermen.
His mother understood his potentials long before his first manifestation which she facilitated at a wedding ceremony- his first miraculous performance.
As a leader, he never distinguished his appearance from that of his followers.
There was no account of him being a scholar yet he taught many sermons.
He never wrote a book, yet several books have been written about him.
He never owned a school, yet he has millions of students over the world.
He was no singer but countless songs have been composed about him.
He was not a doctor but he healed so many sick people.
He never studied philosophy but he held such a sound authority in his speeches that confounded lawyers and philosophers.
He was rejected by the very ones he came to save.
He paid ransom for the sins of the ones he came to save by surrendering his life for theirs.

Today some of these persons still do not acknowledge this great man- their loss.
Yet today, those who acknowledge him still carry his authority and boldness inside of them.
They speak and people listen.
They act and people are awed.
They pray and strongholds are broken.
They sing and doors are set loose.
They are mountain-movers.
They are game changers.
They are royal ambassadors.
This is because the lives they live are not theirs but that of ‘the man’- the great man- who gave his life for theirs.

This man is Jesus Christ.
He is the rock: the only true defense system in this chaotic world
He is the savior; the only lifeline and insurance to an eternal life of bliss after the struggles here in this passing world.
Acknowledge him and he will set your paths straight.
Reconcile with him to gain access to your creator.
Identify with his death through baptism for regeneration into a new life with him.
Then experience a dynamic transformation in your life.
Jesus led a unique life within such a brief lifetime. You can too, if you identify with him.

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