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Amidst the post-pandemic effects around the world, The Priceless Journal is rebranding. Change is the ingredient for perfection. As you may have observed, we are sporting a brand new logo and a new look to mark a significant milestone in our journey and to reflect what we stand for.

The journey started about five years ago with my passion for writing. I got a free domain on blogger at and moved to Wordpress when it was hosted last December. As we seek to become better, we are repositioning for greater feats for the rest of the year and more to come.

Imagine a world with honest people genuinely trying to be at their best in all facets of life. The Priceless Journal, through her publications, speaking conferences and mentorship programs hopes to make this a reality.

Don’t be left out! Every person needs rebranding at one point or another. We need to improve ourselves in many ways –mentally, socially, spiritually, financially, etc. It must not be a few resolutions set at the beginning of the year and forgotten before halfway through the year. Let change start now and let it start with you.

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