Several questions pop up now and then about what’s right or wrong for a Christian to do, simply because it is not explicitly stated in the Bible. So today we’ll take a quick look at Christian integrity.


Integrity is a state of being wholesome, unimpaired.  Meshing this definition with Christianity results to a man that stands out; one who has successfully distinguished himself among the multitude. Like a Friend once stated, “striving to do what is right even when no one is watching is what they call integrity ” What this Means for a Christian is STANDING OUT.  It means FLEE-ing all appearances of evil.
A Christian worthy of the name does not flow with the populace. I remember the children’s song in the last love feast in church “…because every body does it, doesn’t make it right “. A Christian ought to completely stand aloof from whatever general issue that is controversial.

Like a Bible teacher once said, nobody argues whether it’s right or wrong to drink water. So a Christian drinking water does not call for controversy anywhere. But a Christian in a beer parlor definitely calls for attention irrespective of his intentions, except of course, if he’s not worthy of the name.
What I’m saying is this : Even among unbelievers there are contrasting opinions about subjects like Ponzi schemes and the likes,alcohol, dressing, etc….  Think of other subjects that generate arguments in social situations. Whenever you as a Christian wants to indulge in such stuff, ask yourself these:

1.    “Even if I’m free to do this, will a young convert be edified if he learns I do this?  Or will he say ‘if bro X, does this then I can even do worse…it doesn’t really matter ‘.
2.  “Assuming Jesus is still here on earth and I were one of his three closest friends (Peter, James and John), will I proudly indulge in this and encourage others to do so even as I walk around with Him? “
3.  Lastly, “Is my integrity as an ambassador of Christ at stake here? II Corinthians 5:20
Always remember that the ministry of reconciliation has been delivered to you and so your sole aim is to reconcile the world to Christ.  II Corinthians . 5:18-20
Just as an ambassador of Nigeria in America must uphold the standard of his home country without compromising his mission, so also you, an ambassador of heaven on earth here, must uphold heaven’s standard by every means without accepting compromise of any form.  If your actions today betrays the heavenly country you represent, be sure you shall give account when you get back home (judgement)Romans 14:12. Worse still, if you exercise your freedom at the expense of another person’s faith, you are no longer acting in love and if he misses his way as a result of your freedom to act, God holds you responsible -Romans 14:15-21, I Corinthians 8:9,11-13.

Finally, we live in a changing world, new ideas and fashion always available, but God who’s our standard NEVER CHANGES with seasons, hence we don’t get carried away with the trend and loose bearing with our country home. WE DO NOT CHANGE WITH THE WORLD. DO NOT allow what you consider good to be spoken of as evil Romans 14:16.
Please let us critically consider these as God will give them deeper meaning in our hearts