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There was a young man who lost his father early in life and was raised by his grandfather. After sometime, he also lost his grandfather and was in the care of his father’s brother who was quite wealthy. He (the young man) grew rich over time as well. In those days, wealth was measured in terms of livestock, silver and gold. They had plenty of them and both uncle and nephew had herdsmen that tended to their livestock. This nephew was called Lot and his uncle, Abram. Their livestock increased and conflicts began to arise between the herdsmen of Abram and that of Lot so Abram in his wisdom suggested that it was time for them to path ways to avoid animosity between them (verses 1-8).


Be wise enough to know when a season has ended and stop fighting it.

There is a time for everything. That season of travelling around with his uncle was over for Lot. He had become a man with stewards that answered to him and needed to stand on his own. We should always seek growth in life and as we do, let us not be afraid to try new grounds because they broaden our horizons.


Depending on the circumstance, physical separation may be the key to unity in association.

Sometimes, for friendship or brotherhood to continue you need to go your separate ways. Living together, doing business together or running a joint account is not always the proof of love and unity. It may become the bane of the relationship.

Joint affairs sometimes are ‘Trojan horses’ that pose as symbols of unity but act as canker worms that eat deep into the fabric of our affection for loved ones. We struggle to keep it together but deep down acrimonies are sedimented in our hearts towards them. If you have repetitive disagreements with your friend, relative, sibling or even spouse over a joint affair and all methods to keep it together has proved abortive, try splitting without hard feelings. You both should sit down and talk it over. Separation may restore love and mutual respect that the joint affair has taken away overtime.

Friendships are not meant to be forced upon ourselves likewise. As the years go by, people change; their priorities, values or preferences change. You need not tag along if their change opposes your values, neither do you need to become enemies. Simply keep your distance and stay as acquaintances. Remain true to God and to yourself by learning to say goodbye to people or things that no longer work for you for the greater good.

More powerful lessons are coming your way this week from Lot and his uncle Abraham. Stay tuned.

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