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If you are a husband in this generation and you still think house chores are strictly meant for women, you better think again. Wake up! Your generation has passed. Welcome back.
The right thinking men of this generation are adorable. They are their wives’ besties. They do things together because it gives them time to gist a bit before they go to bed. They eat together, do chores together, bathe together and even go shopping for food or groceries together. It’s all in the bond these days. This is not the generation where one person waits in bed, full of energy for the night’s business while the other person is all spent and too exhausted to enjoy anything.
In this generation, we see men help with the babies, not because their mothers are sick but because they don’t want them too exhausted. They join them in cleaning, cooking, laundry…etc.
In this generation, men (bridegrooms) truly groom their wives (brides). They help tie their head-ties, shapen their eyebrows, iron their clothes, zip and unzip dresses a hundred and one times, lock their chains and bracelets, cut and polish their nails, etc.
In this generation, a man takes one look at his wife and understands she needs to rest while he helps tidy up things or prepare for the next day. They take the kids out once a while to give mom some time off. I’m not imagining things. I am saying exactly what I see men do these days- amazing things that I grew up thinking was out of place for men to do. They do all of them and more. It’s not because they are crazy or spellbound. It’s not because they no longer know their position as the head of the home. Only insecure, arrogant and backward thinking men call all these bullsh*t. They begin to vibrate and feel irritated when issues like this are raised because their egos are threatened by it. I used to call them ‘the traditional African men’ but not anymore. Even African men are more enlightened in marriage now. As a matter of fact, they know their place and they feel secure. They know all of these caring attitudes can never sabotage their position, rather it reinforces it. It’s because in this generation, our men are our Kings.

Mrs ‘lagbaja (somebody)’ is probably excited to share this post with her husband whom she thinks doesn’t belong to this generation right now. But hey, a good wife is a crown to her husband. The man became a King by virtue of getting married to her (his crown). And she in turn became a Queen by virtue of being married to a King.

Dear wife, you are a Queen only because you are married to a King. Treat him right. Never take his care and assistance for granted. Never take it as a right. As a good wife is a crown to her husband so is a bad wife, rottenness in his bones (Proverbs 12:4). In that man, is a King that wants to be in charge of his kingdom and in him also is a boy that wants to play. Allow him have fun with you. You are not the only one that loves to be pampered. There is a boy in him that still wants to be breastfed literally – allow him. There is a boy that wouldn’t mind resting his head on your thighs after a hard day’s work. It doesn’t kill. Don’t trash his desires to play with you simply because you are now his baby mama. Don’t hesitate to help him get ready for work and hey, the task’ of calling just to check on each other is not meant for one person. Call to check on each other at least once during the day, while you’re apart. A simple “thank you” is not out of place when he helps you take care of things around the home. Some of us are great at talking men down; trying to make them look like they are horrible while deep down we know they aren’t so bad after all. You just might be ruining your chances of having a better husband. When asking for their assistance, please try not to sound like you are sending your maid on an errand. Do so with respect; he’s your King, remember? 

Dear Kings and Queens, let’s treat each other right. Love is a Noun and Love is a Verb. In other words, Love is both the name we call a feeling as well as it is an action we take. If we don’t feel love, it’s because we don’t act it. These small gestures amount to love (in action) as a verb. Ignore these little things and time takes its toll on the relationship negatively. There is no magical wand we wave to keep couples in love till old age. They keep working on it and never take things for granted till they die.


Massaging your wife should not place you in panic mode. If she requests give it to her. Not grudgingly or of necessity please. We love cheerful masseurs. Give it a try.

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Have a blessed week y’all.

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