Why wait on God?

How often hard it is to wait on God sometimes! Sometimes, His silence seems deafening. Sometimes it’s like standing at a train terminal waiting for someone while several trains speed past you. You keep looking expectantly hoping to see the person highlight from one of those couches. It is exhausting.  Prayers seem ineffective and the world seems to be against us. I know how cliché this sounds but those are times we even need to exercise more trust in God; believing He understands better than we can. Why wait on God? The reason is because at those moments when we are down, we often don’t have the emotional stamina to see the situation from God’s perspective. Hence our judgments are often impaired. Why would a driver rather allow someone else take the steering when he is tipsy? He may be a very skillful driver but at that time, his sense of judgment is likely impaired hence not in a good shape to drive. He would do better to surrender himself to be driven by someone else with a better vision. Wait on God, especially when it doesn’t even seem to make sense. Do not stop leaving it up to him. Do not seek any other sinful alternative to substitute for his answer to your prayer.

God’s perspective

Have you ever tried to view life from God’s perspective? A brother once took a sermon that I would never forget. He captioned it “The eyes that see vertical.” The brother lives on the top floor of a storeyed- building. He related an incidence where from his balcony one day, he saw a young girl trying to be ‘smart’ in her own eyes. She was the daughter of a neighbor who lived on the ground floor. The young girl discreetly went to urinate in front of another neighbor’s house. She did it as quickly as she could and left the area immediately. God used this scenario to paint a practical picture of man’s view versus God’s view to the brother. He lamented in his heart as to how we view life from a horizontal view and feel we know it all or feel we are on top of our games. Meanwhile, God, from up above sees us and the shallow nature of our intentions and actions.

We really as mere men do not see beyond our noses. We only see each other horizontally as we display our acts of kindness or wickedness to each other. You only take in the complete beauty of a location when you view it from above. An environment you see and call beautiful while standing on the same horizontal plane is not as beautiful as it is when viewed from above. We work within our little corner where we exist, hence we do not see the complete picture. So when life happens to us, we respond based on our limited knowledge. Some things happen in our lives that give us momentary happiness and we feel on top of the world. We may not see the calamity that lies behind that source of joy. God who sees the end from the beginning who has the aerial view knows best what truly a joyous situation is and what is not.

We cry to God for so many things and get upset when those things are not forthcoming. To us, if those dreams finally come true, our joys will know no bound. If only we knew what God is trying to shield us from! Some ladies mourn singleness like some kind of curse while some married women bewail childlessness. However, I have also seen married people wishing they were single even at an age when singles would never wish to be still single. I have seen people with children in marriage wishing they were childless. Those moments we tag as joyous moments have become cursed moments in their eyes. Those things they desperately asked God for has become the bane of their existence and they long to be free of them once again. If only they had eyes that see vertical on life and its vicissitudes.

Final Thoughts

It is good to seek to get married if you feel marriage is for you. It is also not bad to long for children in marriage. There are even assisted birth procedures done by doctors to help couples struggling with infertility issues. This is acceptable. You do not have to ignore medication while you exercise faith. It is faith with works that yield results. Likewise you should not withdraw to yourself while you are waiting on God for a life partner. Take necessary sinless actions needed on your part to make your dream come true.  What you should also do is to trust God if He says wait.

Consider this poem by Rusell Kelfer.


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