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Common Sense for Single Ladies (Unlocking Secrets)

I have a new book – Common Sense for Single Ladies – and I’m giving out free electronic copies for a short while. Get yours before the time elapses.

I’ve been there. I have enjoyed the freedom of being single. I have had my fair share of mistakes as a single. There were a few costly ones I made; one of which almost cost me my pride (my virginity) then. I escaped rape by the whiskers. I tried to imitate friends and almost got my fingers burnt in the process. I stayed without a relationship till college days and I remember when I decided to try my hands on dating for the first time. The first thing I missed was the freedom of going out without having to explain my whereabouts to anyone. Then the other relationship baggage began to unfold gradually. As I grew up, some realities began to dawn on me and I knew I had made some bad decisions that I must correct. Every new phase had its own challenge and looking back today, I wish I had a book like this to help me get it right back then.

Let me give you a quick peek into one episode of my life back then as a single. I left the confines of my home and direct supervision of my parents to further my studies in a higher institution. It felt great to be ‘free’- at least nobody questions what I do. I left home a virgin and was determined to keep it that way. I soon got mixed up with friends that were not so conservative (male and female). They were in relationships, they clubbed and had wild friends. I believed virginity was not so trendy anymore (though I planned to retain mine) and I didn’t want to appear inferior so I kept my status to myself and tried to play along with them like we were on same page. I soon found myself attending parties once in a while with them and I accompanied my friend who was seeing some guy who had another friend to keep me company.

I soon wrongly learnt that it was not a big deal to enjoy a guy’s money as long as he was asking you out. So one day when I was broke and alone, the friend that kept me company who was asking me out called and offered to take me out for dinner. It was evening but he promised to bring me back to my lodge before it got dark so I happily obliged; “enjoy his money” I told myself “you didn’t ask him after all.” Well, to cut long story short, it turned out to be one very long night I would never forget in a hurry. Amidst tears and struggle for escape, I pleaded with God for a second chance to do things right. I told him vividly “if you make me escape this night with my virginity safe, I will never tread this path anymore.”

What can I say? God answers prayers. He rescued me and as I promised Him, I ceased walking that road where I tried measuring up with wild friends. Don’t think I didn’t make other silly mistakes later on. I did, but I learned from them all and it breaks my heart when I see ladies walk anywhere close to that path or even worse. I hate to see ladies taken for granted by society over things that they have control of. So I wrote this book to help single ladies pick up the mess that has been made and make themselves fortresses to be reckoned with.

In this book Common Sense for Single Ladies, you will find:

  • What it really means to be a lady
  • How to build self-respect for yourself as a lady
  • How to make yourself attractive to men without selling yourself out
  • How to build mutual respect and enjoy lasting relationships

It’s all inside this book; all you need to be at your best anytime. I’m giving out FREE Advanced Readers Copy. All you need do is sign up and get yours immediately. Do so now.

If you want the complete book, you can find it on Amazon by clicking here.

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