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Hey there! It’s been a while so I woke up this morning and thought it’s time to pick up where I left off and I really think you should do same. November 2020 has been like a ride on roller skates for me with a number of activities dragging my attention since my book launch. All the while, a small voice kept asking me ‘are you seriously not going to write all through this month?’ So today, I’m like ‘fine let’s do this!’ I’m starting by asking you; where did you stop?

There are a thousand and one reasons (good and bad) why we quit or suspend certain things or projects we were working on. In this case, mine was because I had new challenges. What’s yours?  Failed attempts? Delayed results? Difficulties? Lack of inspiration? Child birth? Family issues? New job? Loss of confidence? Friends? Financial hiccups? Small victory? Job loss? Death of a loved one? You can add more to the list. Whatever is your reason for abandoning something great you had once started, it’s time to pick up where you left off.


I started my first manuscript about 7 years ago. After working on it for about a couple of years I abandoned it, then started another about a year ago which is different from the one I finally published recently. It was such a relief to finally have a published book after such a long time coming and a lazy part of me is like ‘I can relax a bit now.’ But hell no! That ain’t happening. In your case it may be the arrival of a new baby, new job, or you just relocated and want to settle in. Whatever it is, don’t forget to pick up where you left off.


Life will never stop throwing hurdles on our path; it’s the race we are running – hurdle race. Sometimes we begin to doubt ourselves when faced with difficulties on the way to achieving our dreams or when people around us do not share in our visions. A hurdler never backs out because he finds hurdles. He keeps hurdling till the end of the race. Keep your eyes on your goal (2 Timothy 2:5); it gives you courage to keep going. Did you hit the hurdle and fell down? Rise up again, examine the track from different angles and move forward with a better approach.   

Starting a new venture takes varying degree of patience. Some might make it earlier than others so don’t beat yourself up if what works for someone else didn’t quite work well for you. Discover your own methods and recover what you may have lost. Focus on what you have control over instead of fretting over things you cannot control.

There is a Yoruba adage that translates as ‘Get back on the horse that bucked you.’ And don’t you forget; a setback is a setup for a comeback. Trust God, trust yourself and do not fail to move with people that encourage you.


If you have lost your muse (whatever the cause), then you have to do some soul-searching. Think about your initial reason for what you were doing and the satisfaction/joy you will derive from achieving your goal. There is no perfect time to start besides now. Last night I finally told myself I was going to drop an article today but I had no idea what to write. I woke up early this morning still without any inspiration so I started browsing for Monday motivations on social media and I soon realized I was already getting distracted. Yet I was determined to write and something in me just said ‘why not write about this current struggle for inspiration?’ Boom! The topic automatically slided in and I already have two pages. If you’re waiting for a push you might wait for a very long time. Just start with even the smallest action towards the goal and stay consistent, you will realize you are back on track.

If you lost your drive due to the loss of a loved one, how about you get back for their legacy. Did you give up on love because someone broke your heart? Do you really think sacrificing your happiness for the rest of your life is a solution to a rough time that is now in the past?

If you must shift your weight, shift it. If you must pedal harder, do so. If you must go a bit slower, go slow. If you must face another direction, face it. Whatever you do, keep riding. If you must hit the brake, make sure it’s because you want to have a drink to refuel and get back on the road.

P.S. Never leave God out of the picture.

Cheers to picking up! Cheers to a new beginning!! Cheers to a great comeback!!!

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