bitter or better

Bitter or Better

A lot of us are so bitter. The reason is not far-fetched. Life has dealt us some hard blows.  We go through rough times on daily basis, yet manage to put on smiles as smokescreens. Behind those smiles, behind those nonchalant attitude, behind those irresponsible behaviors, there may lie a whole lot of ugly experiences untold.

This is why some people snap at the slightest provocation.  It is also the reason why people find it hard to trust sometimes.  It is why some refuse to commit to relationships. It’s also the reason why some have become hardened criminals.

This teacher called “Experience” can be ruthless but in the end, you don’t leave its class without grabbing some lessons. Most times, you are better off learning from others who have been taught by the ‘teacher’.

 You can be in this teacher’s classroom at any time of your life (young or old), but whenever you get out of the class, please teach others; so they don’t have to go through what you did. SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES so others can learn from them.  

Some of us however, never learn until the brutal ‘teacher’ teaches us itself. When someone who has had a bad experience tells some other person not to take similar path, they may turn deaf ears, feeling they are being denied some kind of pleasure. So, yes, some persons would have to go through experiences themselves in order to learn.

In all, after you have been taught, the most important part is how you use the lessons. Do you become BETTER or BITTER?

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