Common sense for Single Ladies


The book- Common Sense for Single Ladies- is going out! Sign up and get yours for free. Please leave your review in the comment section.

Every woman is a symbol of strength and goodness. There is a whole lot of goodness hidden somewhere in you as a lady and you should harness it. It should be celebrated. It should enjoyed by everyone around you. A city set on a hill cannot stay hidden.  This book by Tolulope Okiemute is ready to help you unleash the best part of you if you are willing. The onus probandi now rests on you. Get a copy and get one for a friend or a sister.

Your review is important

I look forward to your feedbacks. Get the book for free by signing up and leave your reviews after reading in the comment section of this post.  You may also send your reviews via e-mail. I’m waiting…

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  1. Nice book.. some of the key highlight of some paragraph should be highlighted bodly in a bullet header …

    Nice practical analogy for easy understanding with common things around us…

  2. Hmmm….!
    When I first Saw the chapters I was like…24pages…ahhrg….it’s too plenty for a quick read!
    But when I started reading it, I was not happy I had gotten to the 24th page already😔.
    I can’t wait to lay hands on the complete book!
    The book is mind fine-tuning, and an orientation resetter.
    Thank you priceless journal.

  3. 👍🏼quite insightful.

    Straight to the point. Simple language. Easy to understand. Rich content✌🏽

    I’d gladly recommend for every female who wants to be a true lady, and everyone who intends to help in that direction.

  4. The book is a ‘Must Read’ for every single lady and teenage female.
    It will give teenagers a sense of direction and correct every wrong notion as they prepare for future marital life.
    For every single lady this book is an asset…it will help you understand the godly aspect of a relationship and keep you guided by God’s standard instead of the world’s standard….

  5. Wow, one of the best book for ladies especially….. It’s interesting, easy to read and understand, and very useful

    Just love the content of the book

  6. Wow! After finishing the book I was looking for more to read, my interest increased automatically….
    I must commend the book is great and it’s a must read for every single lady…
    Thank you priceless journal for the book

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